Basque Country

Basque Country

As one of Europe’s oldest and most culturally rich regions, Basque Country has a lot to offer, from great natural spaces and the charm of the three capitals to coastal towns and dream beaches. It reveals modern cities, quaint villages, and green landscapes. Still, it is up and coming due to its world-class cuisine and acclaim as Spain’s best wine region.

What to see in Basque Country?

San Sebastián

San Sebastián (Donosti in the Basque language) is a coastal town that exudes elegance, natural beauty, heritage in abundance, and viewpoints from another planet. You can start exploring the city by taking a walk along the La Concha promenade, probably the most beautiful city beach in Europe, overlooking stately buildings. The historic centre hides narrow streets with taverns and bars, offering delicious pintxos and lively squares. The nearby Mount Igueldo provides impressive views from the top.


One of the best excursions you can do in the Basque Country is getting to the border with France to see Hondarribia. It is worth crossing the Santa María gate to lose yourself in the cobbled streets such as Calle Mayor and Calle de San Nicolás. In the walled old town, you find corners with medieval charms such as the Church of Santa María de la Asunción, the Castle of Carlos V and the Plaza de Armas and Gipuzkoa. Another beautiful place in Hondarribia is the Marina, a fishermen’s neighbourhood with white houses and coloured windows and balconies. There you can find some of the best pintxo bars, especially on Calle de San Pedro.


A tour of the Basque coast would not be complete without going to the beautiful town of Zumaia, with a marked maritime character, a charming old town, a beautiful traditional fishing port, and a golden sand beach. But what does Zumaia have that makes it stand out from other Basque towns? The spectacular Zumaia Flysch. This impressive geological formation caused by the erosive action of the sea was one of the locations chosen to film the famous television series Game of Thrones. Just knowing that information, you can imagine the spectacular nature of the place.

Añana Salt Flats

They say that the Salinas de Añana are one of the oldest salt factories in the world. Here you can witness a spectacular union between landscape, culture, architecture and the great value of a highly appreciated salt for its purity. The Salt Flats are not far from the basque city of Vitoria.

Butron Castle

Butrón Castle seems to be taken from a fairy tale. This neo-Gothic castle in the Biscayan town of Gatika was built in the Middle Ages. At first sight, it impresses its visitors with its thick walls and four towers, culminating in a homage tower. Although you cannot enter its interior, it is worth visiting to enjoy its gardens and the magical forest surrounding it.

When to visit Basque Country?

The best time is without a doubt summer, although you can expect rain anytime, even in the hottest months of the summer. 

What to do in Basque Country?

This region becomes a treasure trove of good food, wines, and intriguing Basque history. It offers quite a few answers as to why the Basque Country is so different. You cannot miss these experiences while travelling by this mysterious land:

Bathing on the beaches of Sopelana

The Basque coast is full of beaches, some of them quite famous, including the posh Biarritz, Saint Jean de Luz in a gentle bay, and the beautiful old town of Zarautz, the surfers’ paradise. Touring the Basque coast, you must make a stop at Sopelana. These extensive golden sand beaches known as Barinatxe, Atxabiribil, Arrietara, Meñakoz and Azkorri are surrounded by cliffs and perfect for sports like paragliding or surfing.

Enjoy a gastronomic tour of Bilbao

Enjoy a gastronomic tour of Bilbao to learn many things about the gastronomy of the north of Spain. Indulge in tapas, pintxos, miniature cuisine from the Basque Country, wine pairings, Basque craft beers, and other traditional local beverages. Discover the origins of each dish and drink, their ingredients, and how you can recreate them at home. 

Visit the Guggenheim museum

The beating heart of the Basque country is Bilbao, with its Guggenheim Museum, an impressive building designed by Frank Gehry, one of the most important pieces of contemporary architecture. Its construction marked a surprising turning point in Bilbao’s story, attracting a vast number of visitors and becoming a real pilgrimage place for modern art lovers, which helped the city undergo a vast transformation. Take the time to visit the interior, which is just as spectacular as the exterior. 

Enjoy nature in the Gorbeia Natural Park

The Gorbeia Natural Park, named after the symbolic Gorbeia mountain, is the largest natural area in the Basque Country. In this vast rocky natural space, you will find everything from green meadows beech and oak forests to karst caves, which make it ideal for hiking and mountaineering.

Visit the family winery of Txacoli

Discover the Basque countryside, such as the Orduña region, famous for its quality products. You cannot leave the area without visiting a Txakoli winery to see the facilities and carry out a tasting accompanied by the area’s products. 

Basque Country food and drink

The Basque Country is famous for its culinary tradition and its renowned cuisine. There are many world-renowned Basque chefs, restaurants and culinary schools. It is also the second community in Spain with the most Michelin Star restaurants.

Basque cuisine is based on traditional recipes passed from generation to generation and on the passion of the Basques for the products of their land and their cuisine.

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