Castilla La Mancha

Castilla La Mancha

Castilla La Mancha

Does La Mancha sound familiar? Of course, it does for Don Quixote de la Mancha! The autonomous community is known worldwide for the adventures of Don Quixote, the character created by Miguel de Cervantes. La Mancha comes from the Arabic ma-ansha, which means “without water”. That is quite appropriate considering the scarcity of water available in the region for the wheat, grapevines, and olive tree fields under the hot summer sun of Spain. Places to visit here include the fertile landscape, dotted with ‘quixotic’ reminders such as solitary windmills or numerous (ruined) castles. So famous is its cuisine, essential in any getaway in Castilla la Mancha, and that has reached the ends of this world, always hand in hand with history and stories. 

What to see in Castilla la Mancha?


Due to its importance and beauty, we are forced to start with its capital: Toledo, included in all the Castilla la Mancha trips. This is a UNESCO World Heritage town in which Muslims, Christians, and Jews coexisted for centuries. The city is a clear witness to this coexistence.


Another of the cities that we should talk about when thinking of Castilla la Mancha trips is Cuenca. The city is well known for the casas colgadas (hanging houses). One could say the houses defy gravity, clinging over the edge of a vertical cliff. The best view of the houses is from the San Pablo bridge. A city worth visiting. 


The town of Sigüenza is, perhaps, the best example of a medieval town in all of Castilla La Mancha. It is easy to transport yourself to distant times through the cobbled and steep streets that descend from its imposing castle of maidens and knights. And it is even better if your visit coincides with the Medieval Days in July.


Although Castilla-La Mancha is famous worldwide, it is for its most extravagant and universal character: Don Quixote de La Mancha. One of the favourite parts of the novel is the episode when he faces angry giants, who are nothing more than windmills on the Cerro Caledrico mountains. Visit them in one of our Castilla la Mancha trips in peace and enjoy the beautiful views, as it is one of the postcards of the region.

When to visit Castilla la Mancha?

In March and April, you can see the exciting and spooky Holy Week parades in Cuenca. In April and May, you can enjoy the colourful splendour of wildflowers on a lush green landscape. September and October are perfect for hiking through natural parks and picturesque villages. However, try to avoid visiting in the summer, as it gets really hot.

What to do in Castilla La Mancha?

There is an excellent variety of attractions in this less touristy part of Spain. Places to visit are surely going to be an enjoyable experience. The fertile landscape, intriguing history and stories to be told, as well as the exceptional local cuisine, should make you consider taking one of the Castilla La Mancha trips. You might be surprised too!

Visit one of the natural parks

For example, visit the Cabañeros National Park, located in the provinces of Ciudad Real and Toledo. The visitor can discover Iberian fauna such as deer, roe deer, wild boar or the imperial eagle, the black vulture or the black stork. Several routes can be done on foot or in a 4×4 vehicle. 

See the lavender fields in bloom

Brihuega and its lavender fields have become a gold mine for Instagrammers. But listen well: if you go (which we recommend), do not limit yourself to Beside taking the famous photos we strongly recommend a walk around this charming town of La Alcarria. Go up to the Peña Bermeja Castle, enter the Arab Cave and, of course, recharge your batteries with a gastronomic stop at a local tavern (you never say no to a plate of migas from La Mancha).

Take a wine route in Valdepeñas

Do you like wine tourism? Then don’t miss the Valdepeñas Wine Route. The wine production in this region dates back many centuries. However, today it has a Denomination of Origin (one of the most important in Spain). You will visit picturesque villages wineries (large and small) where you can try some wines with character and balance (such as merlot or airén, among others). 

Castilla la Mancha food and drink

The repertoire of typical dishes from Castilla la Mancha is extensive. From the crumbs (migas) to cheese. Stews are also very popular in Castilian cuisine, served in restaurants and private kitchens. The Manchego ratatouille is well-known in all parts of the country. The Manchego gazpacho is more forceful and usually seen in the eastern part of La Mancha, Murcia and the Valencian Community. But we cannot forget perhaps the most traditional product of the area, Manchego cheese

With more than six hundred thousand hectares of land, La Mancha is also one of the most important wine regions in the country. It exports to all points of the earth (where wine is consumed), and it is easy to find its wines on the menus of well-known restaurants in the country.

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