It’s hard not to think of Spain travel without thinking about world-class cuisine, tapas, wine, UNESCO world heritage sites, and some of the most incredible architecture the world’s has ever seen. 

Catalonia stretches from the Pyrenees to the hundreds of kilometres of Mediterranean coastline with charming coves. Visit the cities that preserve great historical monuments that narrate our past and corners that seem anchored in medieval times. Book one of our Catalonia tours and you will see Natural Parks and small cities and towns –some very close to Barcelona– worth a visit regardless of the time of the year. It’s so easy to find the ideal destination for every occasion, whether you want to make a simple beach getaway during the summer months or go mountain climbing in the colder times. Experience the long tradition of hospitality and a strong sense of history, and find out why Catalonia is rightfully called one of Spain’s best places to visit.

What to see in Catalonia?


Life is good in Barcelona. This beach vacation destination has a cosmopolitan vibe, modernist architecture and innovative urban planning to go along with neighbourhoods full of history, museums for all tastes, and an enviable gastronomic scene.

Cadaques, the most charming town in Catalonia

This corner of the Costa Brava seems to be one of Catalonia’s most beautiful places to visit. It was also chosen by artists like Dalí, Picasso or Miró to spend seasons far away from the hustle and bustle of urban places. Here you can find a lot of hidden bays for a swim or a boat ride without crowds.


Spend a couple of days in the always lively Sitges on the Barcelona coast. What is it that makes you fall in love with this place? Its white houses, the sea that bathes it, its 26 beaches and of course, the art that is everywhere, or perhaps its museums so original and exciting? What is clear is that, since the 19th century, this town to the south of Barcelona has inspired a multitude of great artists, and many tourists choose it as a destination every year.

Delta of the River Ebro

The Ebro Delta is the largest wetland in Catalonia that will delight all lovers of nature and quiet, suggestive spaces. Unlike any other in Catalonia, this unique natural space is a feast for birds and an ideal place to cultivate rice fields. It has endless paths to walk or cycle and many booths to watch the birds that populate the Delta. There are many ways to enjoy it, but for us, the best thing is to rent a boat and sail through its waters.

Tossa de Mar

In the 1950, Costa Brava became a first-class tourist destination thanks to the presence of Hollywood stars like Ava Gardner. From then on, nothing was the same on the beaches of the Girona region. Tossa de Mar is an open-air museum with Roman and medieval remains and an ancient fisherman village worth visiting.


Another of the well-known places and an almost obligatory visit if you come to Catalonia. And not only for devotees, since Montserrat is much more than just a monastery. Take a funicular or a gondola ride and visit the museum with an important collection of paintings. For a different experience of this sacred place, you can book our Monserrat Monastery and Horse Riding Experience that will reveal you the unspoiled Catalan landscape.

When to visit Catalonia?

Any time is good to visit Catalonia, as Catalonia offers you numerous activities, from the best ski slopes in Spain to the best beaches. Therefore, whenever you have this possibility, we recommend that you make your visit between May and June or September, although you can book Catalonia tours all year through. Since in those seasons you will have pleasant temperatures and you will be able to visit Catalonia without being overwhelmed by the overcrowding caused by tourism.

What to do in Catalonia?

Travel to Catalonia and its four provinces of a spectacular wealth of natural splendour. It will be hard to pick what is more beautiful, either the medieval charm of Girona, the artistic heritage of Figueres, the holy mountain of Monserrat, and of course the cosmopolitan Barcelona.

Get to know the medieval towns

Travel back in time and discover the charming medieval towns and stunning countryside outside of Barcelona on one of many Catalonia tours. First, explore the lovely village of Besalú, including its medieval synagogue and Jewish bath. Then continue to the town of Rupit to visit the baroque church of Sant Miquel and the castle’s ruins. Finally, end the day in the area around Tavertet with a stop to admire the sandstone cliffs.

Admire Barcelona from the air and the sea

This city has long held the traditional reputation of being the least Spanish city. But it is still one of the best places to visit in Spain; it is so easy to fall in love. It is charming and seems to have everything from the cosmopolitan to the traditional, from the mountains to the beach, steeped in history yet living life to the fullest and very much in the present, as one the liveliest cities in Spain. You can get a different perspective of Barcelona with a Fly & Sail tour. First, board a helicopter that will give you panoramic aerial views of the city. Then, sail on a yacht from Port Vell along the coast, observing legendary landmarks such as the Columbus Monument and Barceloneta

Visit the Salvador Dalí museum

Immerse yourself in the world of Salvador Dalí and learn about his life and works. The town of Figueres saw the birth of one of the most important Catalan artists in history. In his honour, the Dalí Museum was founded in 1974. The building is one of the most peculiar and surreal that the artist devised. Everything there transports you to that strange and dreamlike world of Salvador Dalí.

Enjoy a gastronomic tour in Barcelona

The cuisine of Catalonia is rich and unique, and Barcelona is its lively gastronomic hub. Home to more than 300 wineries, Catalonia is also a land where wine lovers’ dreams come true. And this tour with food, wine and cava tasting will offer you the perfect introduction. Explore the vibrant neighbourhoods of Barcelona and merge with its great Mediterranean culinary heritage with our Foodie tour.

Catalonia food and drink

Catalonia has all the ingredients to obtain the best gastronomy. There are many Catalan dishes, but below we are going to name a couple:

Calçots: Possibly one of the most typical and well-known dishes of Catalonia. It is a type of elongated onion with a mild and sweet flavour, grilled and accompanied by the typical Calçots sauce.

Cargols a la llauna (snails a la llauna): this is a culinary speciality of the Province of Lleida, although it is widespread throughout Catalonia. The dish is made with land snails cooked in a large can and accompanied by a spicy sauce, and finally baked. This dish can be eaten as a tapa – starter or as a main course.

Esqueixada: This is a cold salad with the following ingredients: shredded cod, Italian green and red pepper cut into small pieces, onion, olives and tomato (grated or diced). 

Catalan Cream: It is the best known Catalan sweet, made from milk, eggs and a layer of burnt sugar on top.

Get in contact with us and we will organize you a gastronomic Catalonia tour, or join our Spain food and wine tour. 

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