La Rioja

La Rioja

La Rioja

The region is divided by seven rivers that descend from the mountains to the mighty Ebro river, forming seven beautiful valleys. This small autonomous community inspires with its stone villages frozen in time, extensive vineyards, ancient monasteries, millenary cities and endless natural wonders. La Rioja region is synonymous for Spanish wine. Spain, in general, has outstanding wines, though most of the best wines come from La Rioja. Logroño, the capital of la Rioja, is well known for its tasty food, and Laguardia, the former “Guarda de Navarra”, for its fascinating medieval ruins. Get to know the land of dinosaurs, majestic mountains, waterfalls, and countless charming towns in one of La Rioja tours.

What to see in La Rioja?

Haro, the wine capital

It is impossible not to have ever heard of the small town of Haro. Of course, we are talking about the so-called capital of Rioja wine. It is a unique place with the largest concentration of centenary wineries in La Rioja, Spain, and, indeed, worldwide. Here you will find names of emblematic wineries such as López de Heredia, Bodegas Bilbaínas or Bodegas Muga, among others.


The town of Ezcaray, located on the banks of the Oja River and at the foot of the imposing mountains of the Sierra de la Demanda, is one of the most beautiful towns in Spain and should be included in every La Rioja tour. In addition to its incredible natural environment, this small town named “First tourist village of La Rioja” will enchant you with its traditional architecture

Path of the dinosaurs

Land of dinosaurs or, rather, land of ichnites (a term by which fossilized dinosaur footprints are known). The Riojan community has more than a hundred sites. Some are of great importance, such as the Enciso site with 1,400 catalogued footprints or La Era del Peladillo site in Igea with 1,700 footprints.

When to visit La Rioja?

The best time to travel to La Rioja is between April and October. Although if you want to enjoy its landscapes to the fullest, we recommend you make this trip in autumn. That is the time when the forests glow in a thousand colours, and the harvest festivals fill the villages of La Rioja with parties and wine. Although there is something besides the harvest that stands out in Rioja’s autumn, it is the mushroom season. Both activities attract hundreds of tourists and represent one of the most important attractions.

What to do in La Rioja?

Go on a pinchos tour in Logroño

Logroño is famous for being an essential stop on the Camino de Santiago, for its rich architectural heritage and for having one of the most popular tapas areas in Spain. Laurel street congregates around 60 establishments between bars and restaurants. In fact, the tapas area is composed of a set of streets, squares and alleys within the historic centre. In addition to trying the best tapas, you cannot leave Logroño without visiting the Cathedral of Santa María and wandering through the narrow streets of the historic quarter. Finally, stroll along the Ebro River banks and visit some of the most important wineries in the city.

Visit the most prestigious wineries in Spain

Visit the most prestigious wineries in Spain
Take a wine tourism route through the best wineries in La Rioja. Learn about the entire winemaking process, which goes from planting vineyards to the distribution of bottles worldwide. That is another of the best experiences that this region offers. One of the most famous wineries in La Rioja are López de Heredia, Riojanas, Muga, Marqués de Cáceres, Tritium, Lecea, Bilbaínas and those located near Logroño such as Franco Españolas, Rioja Vega, Ontañon and Viña Ijalba. In addition to visiting the wineries, it is worth seeing the large extensions of perfectly aligned vineyards of the Rioja Alta. They offer a fantastic landscape of ocher and reddish colours in autumn, such as those around Haro and Briones, two beautiful towns that also deserve a visit.

Discover the charming towns of Rioja Alta

Discover the charming towns of Rioja Alta
The concentration of charming towns in Rioja Alta is fascinating! Endless fields of vineyards are only interrupted by the profile of beautiful medieval villages along the course of the Ebro river. The image becomes idyllic. One of the essential towns to see in La Rioja Alta would be Briones, San Vicente de la Sonsierra, Briñas, Cuzcurrita de Río Tirón and Sajazarra.

Gastronomy of La Rioja

La Rioja rivers irrigate its rich fields and gardens and offer the best ingredients for tasty vegetable dishes. The meats are not far behind either. The green pastures of the hills in the region’s south are home to high-quality cattle raised as in the past times. There you can enjoy excellent veal meat or the unique pleasure of roasted lamb chops. Despite being an inland region, fish is also treated with care in La Rioja, especially cod. Desserts are the perfect finishing touch to this delicious meal. The famous Soto marzipans, which have their origin in Soto en Cameros, are one of the most famous sweets in this land. You can enjoy this simple, delicious cuisine based on local products in many La Rioja restaurants in our regular or gastronomic La Rioja tours! 

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