Barcelona Foodie Tour

One of the tastiest pleasures of life in Spain is their tapas tradition. Although the tradition originated in Andalusia, el tapeo expanded all over Spain. Spanish tapas are so varied, tasty and sumptuous. Tapeo – is the art of eating tapas, it is not that much about food itself but more the way people socialize and the epitomy of the Spanish way of living. Every region’s characteristics can be seen and tasted in these little plates of food. Barcelona is known for fresh and diverse food, so a foodie tour is an experience you should not miss! We will take you to some genuine and colourful restaurants and taverns, each of them showing you the local way of preparing tapas, accompanied with local drinks. Tapas and Barcelona and local wines; a recipe for an authentic and tasty evening out!
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Duration: 16 days / 15 nights
Price: from 1450 €
Capacity: 24 guests max
Language: English only