Montserrat Monastery & Horse Riding Experience

While Barcelona is full of interesting sights, a trip to Montserrat, the sacred mountain of Catalonia, is one that will forever etch itself into your memory. It is an awe-inspiring rocky mountain range located less than an hour’s drive from the city, and it is recognizable by its jagged, multi-peaked saw- tooth appearance. At the top is sitting the Benedictine Monastery founded in the 10th century, still functional and inhabited by over 150 monks. Montserrat and the beautiful surrounding nature are a perfect location for a genuine Catalan outdoor experience. After a guided visit of the monastery and some free time for shopping for local products such as honey, turron and local drinks we will take you for a horseback ride through the Natural Park, the most original way to explore the Catalan landscape and escape the hustle-bustle of Barcelona for a couple of hours. Lead by experienced guides, the route is suitable for everyone. Return to Barcelona in the early afternoon.

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